Istanbul In Turkish Night Show with Dinner

Istanbul In Turkish Night belly dabce show

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Istanbul In Turkish Night Show with Dinner
Included fix menu and 2 Local Drinks

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Turkish & Ottoman kitchen's distinguished foods, put in order with Istanbulin's care and with one oriental show, one culture of a life style an done hundred years of lasting traditional amusement is reflected today living. New wave dances, specific folklore will take you to different Anatolia fairytale, the Mediterraneans heat excitement will take you to the music of the community in which we live from yesterday to today
In the Ottoman Empire, on second half of 18th. Century, during Sultan Abdülaziz' period, a kind of jacket which was called İSTANBULİN had been wearing by reformer people who were officer men were addressed from high class people.

In the tourism sector, as considering out culture, İSTANBULİN is in progress to be a brand as 'İSTANBULİN' with the organization of different kind of shows. Since established, every single day, İSTANBUL IN keep renewing and improving of congress tourism in

Istanbul and becoming as a different sector and that was one of the most important inducements for İSTANBUL IN to be established.
Every night at 9pm our program starts with Turkish music band, then continues on by shows of belly dancers, folk dances and different culture shows are presented.

In the final, with showman Mr. Tan Ender, tourists return to their countries with the happiness of the knowledge and of the pleasure and Turkish cuisine.

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Istanbul In Turkish Night Show with Dinner
Included fix menu and 2 Local Drinks

Price Per Person

50 Euros  

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